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  • £17.95

    Dum Ki King Prawn Biryani

    Long grained basmati rice simmered with King Prawn in a mace, cardamom and kewda water, spiced prawn stock and finished in a handi with saffron. Served with its traditional accompaniment cucumber raita. (5 Pieces)

  • £15.95

    King Prawn Masala

    King Prawn prepared in a tangy pickle masala with peppers, a thick-dry dish. (5 Pieces)

  • £15.95

    Goan Jhinga Curry

    Freshwater prawns simmered in a masala of Goan red chilies and Coconut. A coastal delicacy. (5 Pieces)

  • £15.95

    Prawn Korma

    A Mughal Prawn Korma in a rich and creamy sauce made from cashew nuts and poppy seed paste named after ‘Shahjehan’ the emperor who built the Taj Mahal. (5 Pieces)

  • £11.50

    Samonder Ke Rani

    Fine cod fish sautéed with herbs and spices, simmered in a light mustard and coconut curry sauce.

  • £11.50

    Nilgiri Machi

    Monk fish simmered in a green herb curry of coconut, chillies, coriander, mint and roasted spices.

  • £15.95

    Saag Prawn

    Leafy spinach prepared with King Prawn cooked with Garlic and garnished with ginger and fried onions. (5 Pieces)

  • £10.95

    Ajwaini Fish Tikka Shaslik

    A fillet of red snapper marinated in exotic spices then chargrilled in the clay oven. (8 Pieces)

  • £9.95

    Seabass Tandoori

    A whole fish marinated in chef’s special recipes charcoal grilled. Served with side sauce with fresh green salad. Please ask your server for off the bone.

  • £16.95

    Prawn Bhuna

    A medium dry dish, King Prawns cooked with onions and tomatoes and finished with indian Herbs. (6 Piece)