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The Connoisseur

37 High Street, Harrow on the hill, HA1 3HT

Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • £8.95

    Botti Kabab

    Very tender smoked spring lamb marinated with papaya and exotic spices cooked in clay oven. (6 Pieces)

  • £10.95

    Ajwaini Fish Tikka Shaslik

    A fillet of red snapper marinated in exotic spices then chargrilled in the clay oven. (8 Pieces)

  • £4.50

    Stuffed/Aloo Paratha (G)

    Bread baked in the tandoor, stuffed with mix vegetables. Finished with a light glaze of butter.

  • £15.95

    Prawn Korma

    A Mughal Prawn Korma in a rich and creamy sauce made from cashew nuts and poppy seed paste named after ‘Shahjehan’ the emperor who built the Taj Mahal. (5 Pieces)

  • £7.95

    Kumbh Mutter

    Fresh butter mushrooms with green peas in a light spicy sauce, flavored with onion seeds.

  • £1.25

    Roasted Popadom

    Thin roasted wafers made from urid flour, jeera (cumin) and other spices

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